Mission Statement


The mission of Aslan Youth Ministries is, through God’s love, to effect permanent change in the heart’s and minds of at-risk youth in America and Haiti. We provide relationship-based programs that permanently impact the bodies, minds and spirits of disadvantaged, urban children and empower them to overcome their negative environments and circumstances and become productive and successful members of society. Aslan takes the “risk” out of children at risk!

Core Values

  • Everything we do is relationally driven.
  • We are committed to touching the whole person – body, mind and spirit.
  • In all things, we are committed to integrity.
  • We teach Aslan children that what matters most is the content of their character.


Aslan’s philosophy is that meaningful and permanent change only takes place through the developing of one’s character and by “learning to live” the basic principles of right and wrong on which civilization is based. In order to become a productive member of society, children must learn to respect themselves and their fellow man. Each Aslan program is designed for long-term results that empower youth with the tools they need to live meaningful lives. Aslan’s radical approach helps urban youth see beyond who they are at one particular moment in time.  Through continual year-round encouragement and extreme adventure activities (long-distance bicycle touring, skiing, camping and Project Third World Haiti), Aslan positions children outside their comfort zones.  We help them reach deeply within and overcome their fears, limitations and failures; and, with hard work and God’s help, they find the strength to endure and succeed!


The purpose for each of Aslan’s programs is to impact the whole person. This is accomplished by encouraging youth to reach their greatest potential in relationship to their fellow man while finding their ultimate purpose through a vibrant, living relationship with Jesus Christ.  Aslan is not latchkey in nature, nor do we provide services merely to “keep kids off the streets.” If children are not properly educated, do not have the opportunity to learn acceptable norms of behavior and never learn what to value in life (their own lives and the lives of others), then keeping them off the streets is of little value. Our programs include one-on-one mentoring and tutoring, character development classes rooted in Judeo-Christian values, recreational activities, summer camps and cultural enrichment programs.

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