Children of L’Acajou Video

Aslan’s work in Haiti was originally born out of a desire to introduce our New Jersey youth to their African roots, heritage and culture. We also believed that introducing poor American teens to levels of poverty beyond anything fathomable in the United States would help them look beyond their own needs and see the much greater needs of others.

Very quickly, Aslan’s work in Haiti became important in its own right. Like in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Aslan was “on the move,” and the vision of the organization was expanding!

  • Medical clinics and eyeglasses clinics became regular parts of our trips
  • We began sponsoring Haitian children in School
  • We began to look for a permanent ministry in Haiti

In 2003, Aslan began renting a house in Ouanaminthe, North Eastern Haiti along the border of the Dominican Republic. In 2004, Aslan purchased 6 acres of land in L’Acajou, about 2 miles south of Ouanaminthe. So far, Aslan has constructed a perimeter fence around the front of the property, built a foundation for a medical clinic, and installed the 3 sections of the medical clinic on the property.

Other plans include:

  • A world missions training school
  • An orphanage
  • A church
  • A village school

Currently, Aslan reaches 200 children in the area of L’Acajou. Many of these children are among the poorest of the poor in Haiti, with barely one small bowl of rice per day to keep them alive.

You can be a part of our outreach in Haiti! Donate to Aslan now.

Here are the Haiti blog postings at The Forgotten People.

Here is an article about the Haiti clinic from the June 10, 2015 Asbury Park Press.

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