Summer 1 


Typically when one reads a “missions moment” in a newsletter, it is the story of where someone “went.”  This summer at Aslan three groups from around the country CAME to us!

On the first and last day of their time with us each team was told,  “Relational ministry is among the hardest.  It’s much easier to clean a lot, build something, or paint a wall.  You stand back and know exactly what you accomplished.  When you pour into a life, it has a blurry ‘finish’ line.”

It was amazing to see how each person gave their whole selves in their time with us.  There was a lot expected of them to help not  only run the camps, but to truly be “on” at all times while here.  In short they were asked to not just talk or teach about Jesus, but to walk hand in hand with another child for the week as HE would.

It isn’t often that we have enough volunteers that Aslan kids can have one-to-three or even one-on-one attention.  Our families were amazed that groups of people would ride in an airplane or drive as many as 30 hours just to be with them.

Compassion is an action word.  We should be moved to “do” something as our hearts are broken for the least, the lost and the last. Each day these groups built momentum in giving all they could.

It was inspirational and fun to say the least!  Next year our hope is a summer FULL of missions groups!   Tori


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