Quadasia was always a very shy and insecure young woman with very low self-esteem. We knew when she started coming to Aslan Right Choices at the age of 8 that it would take a long time to get her to open up and let us in. But we love challenges like Quadasia. We are glad when God sends us the hardest children to reach, because the rewards in finally reaching them are so great.

Quadasia faced a lot of challenges while growing up in her single-parent home. Her mother was a very sweet woman who wanted the best for her daughter but couldn’t always provide what she needed. Aslan stepped in to help every time we had a chance ~ with backpacks & school supplies in September, a Thanksgiving basket, Christmas gifts and Adopt-a-Family programming, Biking trips, Easter blessing baskets and summer camps.

Year-by-year, we watched this shy young girl grow up before our eyes and begin to blossom. Day-by-day we encouraged Quadasia to believe in the gifts God had given her and to Dream Big! Aslan’s wonderful staff member, Queenie Ferguson, spent countless hours with this young girl, encouraging her to live for the Lord and make her life really count for something. As Quadasia became a young woman, Queenie helped guide her through the difficulties of making the best choices for her life.

And, Quadasia listened. She was always faithful to come every time Aslan’s doors were open. When she entered high school, she began to excel in her studies. It became obvious to us all that this young lady was going somewhere good! After graduating, she entered Georgian Court University, a private Catholic University, where she pursued her dream to become a teacher.

From a quiet, shy little girl, Quadasia is now a confident woman – living for God. And now she, as a teacher, is helping young people learn and grow and develop positive values! This is what Aslan Youth Ministries is about. We help children overcome their insecurities. We help them know that their lives are worth everything to God. Over many years of learning to overcome the struggles of each day, young people like Quadasia come to believe in the gifts God has given them. They learn to value their lives and the lives of others. Aslan teaches them how to reach for the stars and realize their dreams!

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