Clean Water Project

Unfortunately, tainted water supplies cause a great deal of sickness and death in Haiti and other underdeveloped countries throughout the world. Over 50% of all disease throughout the world could be eliminated with clean drinking water.

In 2009 we drilled a deep-water well, and with the help of our ministry partners (Step of Faith, in Brick, NJ and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Brick, NJ) we piped the water to one corner of our property. Now hundreds of people from remote villages can now come for safe, clean drinking water.

Prior to this, individuals for miles around our property were going to the terribly polluted Masacre River as their primary source for water – thus exposing their families to typhoid, cholera and many life-threatening parasites. Lives have been saved, and we have now expanded our clean water program to include weekly trips south to bring clean water to families who live too far away to walk to our property.

Drilling our well in 2009

Reaching a deep aquifer at 92 feet

Aslan “oasis” with Haitian women filling their containers with fresh water

Loading our truck to take water to remote areas that can’t access our well

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