Music has always been a huge part of Lynn Ann’s life and mine. Both our dads had dance bands back in the 1930s when Swing was king! Lynn Ann’s father led his with a trumpet and my dad with an alto sax! For the first 13 years of Aslan, Bill, Dusty, Lynn Ann and I raised most of our ministry funding by touring and singing across the US each summer. We met some of our dearest friends and biggest supporters through our music.


What many of you may not know is Aslan recorded our music in Clovis, New Mexico, with Norman Petty, Buddy Holly’s producer and one of the founding fathers of rock & roll music. For 35 years our music was lost in a vault, somewhere between Nashville, Clovis and LA. Now, thanks to our friends Kenneth Broad & Shawn Nagy, the songs we recorded have been rescued and are being released on Dundee Records.


Our CD includes remakes of the Buddy Holly hit, Everyday, Bobby Vee’s Take Good Care of My Baby, plus 7 Aslan originals. There are also pages of pictures and liner notes. Take it for a test drive, Aslan, The Norman Petty Sessions, on Spotify, iTunes, etcetera! Trust us, you might really like this stuff. For a special gift of $25, you’ll receive the Aslan CD and also help Aslan change the world . . . one child at a time.

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