By offering new and enriching opportunities, our children can learn new skills, explore different areas of talent, deepen existing strengths, get support to overcome trauma, make friends and form relationships with supportive adults.  We provide:

Educational Field Trip – helping families learn together, Aslan offers door-to-door service in bringing families to fun and engaging field trips to museums, recreational activities, and more.  This is the time to foster parent/child bonding activities.

Trauma-Informed Counseling – Most of our students have experienced trauma and by providing counseling and support we help them achieve their academic goals. For over 7 years, our in-house licensed social worker serves as our counselor providing trauma-informed services for students. To broaden this service, we would like to incorporate the Strengths Explorer Assessment, Rainbows and Storiez interventions, to help students process a wide range of experiences including traumas, adverse childhood experiences, and stressors. Storiez helps youth creatively express past trauma and celebrates storytelling in a variety of formats (collage, photography, writing, dance, sand tray, video).  Strengths Explorer Assessment evaluates student’s top three talents, what they mean and how they can be used.  Aslan has done this in the past and children are very enthusiastic to see their results. It helps to enhance their self-image and self-esteem.  The group would meet once a week for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, for 15 weeks.   Based upon their talent results our program then introduces Botvins LST.  These first two sessions give us greater insight as to how to incorporate the other materials (Storiez and Rainbows).

Monmouth University Art-Eco Project – Professors and university students organize challenging project, where students learn about the importance of caring for our oceans. Aslan students learn to use a Computer Aided Design program (CAD) to map out their facial features, with each student adding images of seashells, seaweed or fish. Each design is printed onto a mask using a 3-D printer and the children paint and add additional ocean art to their mask! The children then take a boat ride on the ocean comparing components of the masks to the ocean environment. At the conclusion of the program, Monmouth University hosts an art exhibit featuring the masks.

Parent-child Bonding Activities – We organized field trips and events to increase family bonding between the children and their parents. 

And more enrichment activities that compliment our core curriculum.

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