Our projects include clean water, medical services and education.

Our work in Haiti has grown dramatically since our first trip there in 1996. We now own six (6) acres of land, on which we have built a modern medical clinic. We are nearing completion of a worship center, and our plan for 2019 is to begin construction of a school for the many children in our area who are unable to afford proper schooling.

Throughout the year, Aslan hosts mission trips for churches and groups in New Jersey. Many college students, families enjoy their transformative experiences and return often.  

In 2015 we opened the clinic to serve the medical needs of impoverished families in L’Acajou and surrounding remote areas.

One of life’s most basic need is clean water.  Many families have to walk hours to obtain clean water.  Aslan has built a well within its compound which provides clean water to the families in the area. We are seeking other opportunites to increase access to clean water in neighboring communities.

Aslan in Haiti offers a myriad of community development services, which include continual support for families. Aslan reaches over 200 children and their families in the area of L’Acajou. Many of these families are among the poorest of the poor in Haiti, with barely one small bowl of rice per day to keep them alive.

Aslan offers life-saving emergency services for its families in Haiti. These services include clean water, food, medical and health care, and shelter.

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