2020 marks the 45th anniversary of Aslan Youth Ministries. Since 1975, Aslan has provided community development programs focusing on the spiritual and educational development of children in Red Bank, Long Branch, Neptune and Asbury Park NJ.  All the children we serve live below the federal poverty level and many experience abuse, neglect, and family dysfunction, along with a host of other stressors, including community violence, discrimination, and peer victimization. 

Aslan’s Work in New Jersey – Aslan’s programs ensure that at-risk, disadvantaged youth, served in our three after-school locations, have access to high-quality, out-of-school opportunities focused on their academic, social, and emotional development, offered in an enriching, safe, and supportive environment.  This anniversary highlights our excellent track record and demonstrates that we have gained the trust of the communities that benefit from our services through proven achievable results. 

Without the generosity of past and present donors, we could not continue to expand our programs. Since most of our students have experienced three or more repeated traumas, such as family mental health, incarceration, violence, and substance abuse issues, we are currently developing and have a need to formalize our counseling services.  Program expansion will require additional staff and materials prior to implementation.  

A hallmark and founding principle of Aslan is picking up and taking home our children for every activity and program. We have a school bus to carry 35 or more children, but we are also in need of an additional van to continue providing safe and reliable transportation for our kids in our after school and summer programs. The cost for the additional vehicle is $35,000.00.  We know of no other programs in our area that provide door-to-door transportation to and from every organizational activity. Annually, we serve over 150 students in out-of-school programming. 

Aslan’s Work in Haiti – In 1996, Aslan established programs and services in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, where we provide medical services through our “Clinic of Hope”. Extreme poverty, hunger and sickness are major issues facing the people of Haiti. We provide life-saving services for hundreds of Haitian people every month, including pediatric treatment for 200 Aslan children who come to our programs each week. We are currently seeking $40,000 in funding for repairs on our medical clinic. We need to raise $40,000 to put a roof on our clinic, finish the outside of the building and complete other important upgrades. We also are seeking funding to purchase critically needed medical equipment for our patients (including a portable x-ray machine and sonogram).

“We are so grateful to these amazing foundations for believing in our work and allowing us to continue to fulfill our mission.  Donors are important and essential pieces to the sustainability of our programs,” states Craig Bogard, Executive Director of Aslan, “What better way to make an investment, than to invest in the future of our children?”

Aslan has received over $65,000 from new sources

During last year 2018 holiday fundraising drive we gained the support of nearly 40 new individual donors for a total of over $16,000 (averaging over $400 per donation). 

The Monmouth County Community Foundation was designed especially for foundations wishing to make an enduring difference in this county.  They presented us with a $5,000 donation for our after-school programs which are held in Red Bank, Long Branch, Neptune, and Asbury Park.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation supports the creation or expansion of summer reading programs for Pre-K to 12th grade students.  We received a $1,500 grant for our summer enrichment reading program.  

OceanFirst Foundation supports programs that enrich and improve life options for young people.  Their gift of $5,000 will allow us to continue to serve over 150 students per year in the after-school program. Our program works with youth, and their families, ensuring each child receives the specific services or interventions necessary for classroom success

The Achelis & Bodman Foundation supports educational programs designed to encourage learning for urban at-risk children. Their donation of $25,000 will ensure that at-risk disadvantage youth, served in our four after-school locations, have access to high-quality out-of-school opportunities that are focused on their academic, social, and emotional development. 

The Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation focuses on programs and projects that provide opportunities to children who are economically disadvantaged. They gave us a $5,000 grant to expand our trauma-informed care services to address students’ emotional challenges, provide counseling and help them focus on their academic goals.

Viacom supported Aslan’s premiere fundraising, donating $10,000 and providing talent to meet and greet runners at the 11th annual Beauty and the Beach Run for Women. 

“We are grateful that our community is noticing our work and willing to support in a big way.  They believe in what we are doing for these children and hope they will continue to have faith that we can guide Aslan’s kids to live successful lives,” states Craig.

Change comes slowly – through a journey. Usually, the journey is a long one; but Aslan is always there to help every step along the way!  Together we can change the world, one child at a time!

We can’t do it alone.  Aslan is embarking on a spirited holiday fundraising appeal this season.  To support out work visit our donation page.

Be a part of something big!






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