The long-term success of Aslan is rooted in our loving and caring approach to programming

From the moment a child comes to Aslan he or she is challenged to become a servant leader. Our students understand what it means to be on the receiving end of charity but are rarely afforded the opportunity to appreciate what it means to serve the needs of others and to recognize their own gifts and talents to improve their own circumstances.

Aslan has developed a very successful and highly respected tutoring and mentoring program in which volunteers work one-on-one with their students to provide important academic assistance.  We have a very strong corp of dedicated volunteers who are committed to the educational acheivments of each child.   

ASLAN Youth Ministries is unapologetically a Christian organization.

By offering new and enriching opportunities, our children can learn new skills, explore different areas of talent, deepen existing strengths, get support to overcome trauma, make friends and form relationships with supportive adults.

Each summer, we pack a ton of fun and learning into two-week long camps.

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