Right Choices

ASLAN Youth Ministries is unapologetically a Christian organization. To help you understand what this means to us, please read the Philosophy section under our Mission Statement. Empowering children with the tools needed to live meaningful lives means touching the whole child – the body, the mind and the spirit!


  • Only dealing with spiritual issues will not help a child who is two grades behind in math and reading do better in school.
  • Only dealing with spiritual issues will not help children with no discipline in their lives learn to focus and follow directions.
  • Only dealing with spiritual issues will not help children who are overweight learn to get exercise.

This is why Aslan has tutoring programs and long-distance bicycling programs and cooking classes and martial arts classes. Whatever ways we can teach a child to listen and learn, to resolve conflict without fighting and to manage his or her anger without resorting to violence – all of these ways and many more are incredibly important and essential in touching and changing the whole person.

Teaching our young people to make Right Choices means:

  • Not stealing an extra snack at Aslan Bible Class and then lying about it when they’re caught;
  • Being disciplined enough on bike trips to put your left hand out and shout “Stopping!” Otherwise, all the kids behind you will crash into you and one another and somebody is going to get seriously hurt;
  • Learning to sit with your tutor week-after-week with flashcards until you learn your multiplication facts;
  • Being disciplined enough with your behavior not to strike back every time someone bumps into you.

All these and a thousand more things is what our children learn at Right Choices. And the result of working year after year with the same children means:

  • Nearly all Aslan students graduate from high school;
  • Very few Aslan students are incarcerated or end up in the penal system;
  • It is extremely rare for an Aslan student to be involved in an act of violence such as taking a gun and shooting someone or robbing a convenience store;
  • Many Aslan students go on to college and have successful careers;
  • Several Aslan students have had distinguished military careers.

We believe that spiritual issues are at the heart of every problem civilization faces. This is our world view. The spirit is that within each of us which is eternal. So, in a nondenominational and winsome way, Aslan helps children understand God’s love for them that is expressed in Jesus. This is Aslan Youth Ministries – touching the whole person and changing the world . . . one child at a time!®

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