Here’s some encouragement for everyone who’s depressed about the Covid-19 pandemic. This is Aslan . . . This is what Hope can do!

Dialog between Lynn Ann and tutor, Jeanne, about Jeanne’s time with her student Mark:

Jeanne: “Hi! I just dropped off a summer gift bag for Mark (bag of skittles, bubbles, washable sidewalk chalk, a popsicle-making kit, and juices for the popsicles. I loved his big hugs, and it was nice to meet his mother, Yasmin, in person. Mark said he is enjoying camp!”

Lynn Ann: “How cute is this picture!!!! I love it. I’m so glad you got to see him and meet Yasmin. I bet he loved it.”

Jeanne: “He did! Yasmin woke him up from a nap. I’m sure the heat at camp is very tiring. I sent the photo to Yasmin and she said he is making the popsicles now.”

Lynn Ann: “That’s so awesome! Yes, the heat knocks all of us out but it is a lot of fun. He is so well behaved this summer! Just delightful. You mean so much to him. I’m glad you’re in his life. That contact means everything.”

Jeanne: “These times are kind of lonely for all of us. And I’m so glad he is in my life. It was so good to see him! Well, it made my day–one of the happier during this whole pandemic!”

Lynn Ann: “Yes, I’m so thankful for all the contact we’re having with the kids and parents. It kind of brings us back to life.”

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