The Summer Slide

I remember so well that my childhood summer vacations were filled with enriching experiences: visiting my aunt’s & uncle’s huge ranch in New Mexico, taking family trips to the Rocky Mountains and the bright lights of summer evening Little League games! However, the end of the school year doesn’t mean the same thing for our Aslan kids as it did for my friends and me on those summers long ago. Lower-income children experience something we at Aslan call the “summer slide” phenomenon ~ the tendency for our students to lose achievement gains and motivation from the previous academic year. 

For many years now, our Camp Aslan has been the solution to combat the “summer slide” with programs that provide wonderful learning experiences for our urban children at risk here in Monmouth County. Our camp provides a balanced mix of education, fun and recreational activities that run five days a week. Three of these days are dedicated to educational activities: science experiments, language lessons, arts and crafts, and learning chess.  

Why it Matters

Our programs stimulate intellectual curiosity, combating the “summer slide” and enhancing learning. The remaining camp days are dedicated to recreation activities and field trips: zip-lining, rock-climbing, swimming, in-line skating, and beach outings. These encourage physical exercise and social interactions. Our comprehensive support system includes door-to-door transportation, meals, and snacks – all free of charge – to ensure all our kids can participate fully without placing additional burdens and expenses on their families. It’s a fact that Aslan’s Summer Camps provide experiences and opportunities that are out of reach for most of the families we serve.  

For many children, Camp Aslan stands as a safe, nurturing, and structured environment where they can explore new interests, develop new skills, and where we can build relationships with them. These relationships last a lifetime, and the impact ripples into the lives of their families (mostly single-parent homes), easing their burdens during the summer months.

How You Can Help

Aslan’s legacy spans nearly 50 years and touches thousands of lives. This is because of the wonderful generosity of donors like you who are committed to empowering youth and helping change their lives for the better. With diesel prices hovering around $4/gallon, it currently costs Aslan $400.00 each time we fill up our school bus. Door-to-door transportation is a hallmark of Aslan and one of the principle reasons we’ve been so successful over almost 5 decades! Please try to think of friends & acquaintances to whom you can forward this letter. And please continue to be a part of Aslan’s legacy by donating to Camp Aslan today!

Our summer camp program is free for a child in need. But that is only possible with the help of our supporters:

  • $50 underwrites transportation costs for a child to attend Camp Aslan.
  • $400 fills up the Aslan big blue bus with gas to bring campers to their enrichment activities.
  • $100 purchases healthy lunches for a group of campers.
  • $250 purchases summer camp supplies and equipment for campers.
  • $500 purchases entry to camp educational activities (local museums, rock climbing, boating).

Small business Sponsorship$1,500 – Your business sponsors the summer camp program. Receive logo recognition on our website, emails and social media.

Aslan’s Legacy: Become a Recurring Donor for Aslan’s Children

Your donation will bring joy plus educational experiences to our Aslan Youth.

  • $10 per month supports Aslan’s Alumni committee, creating opportunities for Alumni to volunteer, plan fundraisers, and give back.
  • $60 per month, you can sponsor an Aslan child in our year-round programs (after-school, right choices, and summer camp).

Change the world one child at a time! We really appreciate your support!

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