Despite growing up in a challenging environment in the Red Bank area of New Jersey, Sheldon achieved his dream of becoming a professional singer, thanks to his God-given talent and the support of Aslan Youth Ministries. Sheldon faced many hardships he thought were insurmountable. Nevertheless, his charisma and extraordinary singing voice shone through. At 16, he joined Aslan Youth Ministries, receiving essential support and mentorship, helping him forge a path away from a life of struggle

When Sheldon graduated from high school, Aslan Youth Ministries sponsored his enrollment at Agape Force, a performing arts school located in Lindale, Texas. It was there that he developed his vocal skills and was taking significant steps towards a career in music, just as he dreamed. Through his journey, he joined the renowned Continental Singers, a nonprofit Christian music organization touring internationally.

Today, Sheldon is continuing to thrive as a professional singer. He has performed with the New Jersey Mass Choir and recorded three of his own Gospel albums. He is currently headlining with Tim McLoone’s Holiday Express, and has on many occasions been a backup singer for the legendary Darlene Love, famous for her many 1960’s hits. Despite his success, Sheldon remains connected to his roots by volunteering his time and talents to support Aslan Youth Ministries as a volunteer.

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