We’re at Hartshorne Woods Park along the Shrewsbury River with Aslan Asbury Park students and a wonderful group from Tower Hill Presbyterian Church in Red Bank, NJ. Such a beautiful, blessed day! The Asbury Park students participate in our Right Choices and Tutoring program which provides students with a mentor and educational support.

The Right Choices program teaches children life skills and values that help them learn the importance of service and leadership. Riddled with the long-term effects of poverty and trauma, many inner city communities are filled with children making wrong choices. We help them make right choices.

Mentoring at Right Choices

Including a mentoring component is to help increase a child’s academic performance while developing a nurturing bond with a caring adult.

Mentor Tutors are matched with a student to provide one-on-one literacy training in reading and math.

Mentor Tutors are given training, resources and support to address the student’s academic deficiencies.

Through a series of on and off-site field trips and projects, Mentor Tutors have fun while engaging each Right Choices child in learning and personal development.

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