Youth Receives Support from Aslan and Finds Opportunities

Cheryl E. grew up in an impoverished home with seven brothers and sisters. At one point, her mother was cooking meals for the entire family on a single hotplate. The teenagers took showers at their high school, because the family never had hot water. They couldn’t afford fuel oil. The mother and children had to move in with a relative for over a year. But with Aslan’s constant help and guidance, Cheryl graduated from high school.

Aslan Youth Ministries paid for 3 years of college for her in Dallas, TX, and we then helped Cheryl get her associates degree in deaf education. From there we sent her to a missions school in Jamaica for two years where she worked with deaf children. Cheryl returned to New Jersey and served on Aslan’s staff for 2 ½ years, and she served as a sterling role model for a new generation of Aslan children. After getting married, Cheryl moved with her husband to Haiti where they worked for 2 years. They subsequently moved to Oklahoma where her husband is a school superintendent. While helping raise her three sons, Cheryl attended nursing school and received her R.N. degree. She now serves as a school nurse.

Helping children deal with poverty is an extremely difficult circumstance, because so many factors are involved such as income, family dynamics, siblings, poor housing and lack of access to educational opportunities, etc.

A typical Aslan child comes from a single-parent home, live below the poverty level, and have educational and emotional challenges caused by trauma.  We can’t help them alone! Help Aslan Youth Ministries continue its work in saving children in need.

Ways to Support

Sponsor An Aslan Child – Keeps an Aslan youth in all programs through the year. Each sponsor is matched with an Aslan child who will write their own personal letter of thanks twice per year.  The sponsor also receives a magnet with their sponsored child’s photo.

Donate Now – Choose from several holiday giving categories.

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