A few weeks ago, we received a frantic call from one of the nurses at the Aslan clinic in Haiti.  One of our little Aslan girls was hit by a car while riding back home from school on a small motorcycle. She was rushed to our Clinic of Hope in Haiti, where doctors soon realized that she needed surgery to reset the bone and close the deep wound.  Surgery would spare her a lifetime on crutches or an amputation. The severe fracture demanded state-of-the-art medical treatment and antibacterial medicines to prevent a life-threatening infection.

The cost for these types of surgery typically range from $2,000 to $2500.  We made some emergency calls and with the help and generosity of many Aslan donors, she received the operation and is currently on the mend.

We thank God that our amazing contributors helped us save her life!

Our clinic in Haiti serves hundreds of families a year. However, limited resources prevent us from purchasing much needed medical supplies and impacts the salaries of our doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff all crucial to our work in Haiti.

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