Food bags filling our office floor.

I wanted to share a photo of our Mother’s Day food distribution to the moms of all our Aslan kids in 3 towns here in New Jersey. We received an unexpected gift from a local businessman who loves Aslan and wanted to do something special for all the mothers and grandmothers who are raising our Aslan kids. So, for the first time ever we delivered special Mother’s Day food bags to our 75 families in Asbury Park, Long Branch and Red Bank. What a joy! We included things for kids to color as well as a wonderful Bible verse, pencils and crayons, and several small gifts for the moms.

Lynn Ann with Denise (Aslan mother & volunteer).

As we went from house to house we got to see every parent and many children from a safe distance. There were lots of smiles and well-wishes passed among us. All our families are doing quite well physically, but like all of us, they’re living in uncomfortable isolation that can lead to depression. So many moms thanked us for remembering them. Two tiny 6-year-old girls and one teenager couldn’t help but give us hugs! No worries because none of us are sick, but what struck me so hard is how much those hugs meant.

We are still making plans for our summer camps in hopes that restrictions will be lifted by July, but in the meantime, we text or call every parent and active volunteer almost every week. So we are able to encourage and be encouraged by each other. Our goal right now is to keep our children and families uplifted until we’re able to be together again. Please don’t forget to pray for us! Thanks and God bless you!

Lynn Ann.


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