May 2018

Just walk in and flush your toilet. That’s all you need to do to realize how difficult life is in Haiti. This country of over 11 million people sits 500 miles off the coast of Florida, and almost none of the Haitian people have ever used a flush toilet! Even in Port-au-Prince where 99% of the 2.5 million people live in squalor, indoor plumbing is basically unheard of.

It is such a privilege for Aslan to construct bathrooms on our property in L’Acajou that can now be used by our more than 200 Aslan students, those who attend our church and those who come to our medical clinic. We even have a shower in both bathrooms for anyone who gets sick or succumbs to the heat.

The most humbling moment during my recent 2 weeks in Haiti was when Aslan’s Haitian Director, Joseph, asked me to please have our team teach the children how to correctly use and take care of the bathrooms! These children had no idea how to raise the lids, flush the toilets or turn on a faucet. None of them knew what toilet paper is for or how to use it. Can you imagine teaching a teenager in America how to use toilet paper?

With thanksgiving,

P.S. Our most heartfelt thanks to Step of Faith Ministries in Brick, NJ, who provided all the funding for this amazing project!

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