Bring Hope This Holiday Season

One Young Boy, Separated from Twin Sister,

Overcomes Adversity and Trauma

 Kerry K. joined Aslan in 1989. He was raised in a single-parent home and never knew his father. When he was in eighth grade, Kerry’s mother abruptly moved to Alaska and Kerry and his twin sister were separated.

This was an extremely traumatic time for both Kerry and his sister who ended up in a group home in north Jersey.  Kerry moved in with his great-aunt.  As a student at Red Bank public schools, he struggled with behavior problems, but he was faithful to attend Aslan. At Aslan, we provided what’s known as trauma-informed care, by pairing him with an area couple who spent enormous time with Kerry tutoring him in school and having him come to their house many weekends. The couple always supported him by consistently recognizing his strengths and supporting his academic and spiritual growth.  This helped Kerry develop a sense of safety and security.

Kerry’s behavioral problems continued into high school, but Aslan still included him on our first trip to Haiti in 1996. That extraordinary experience was the catalyst that helped Kerry begin to change. His work in school continued to improve and, against all odds, he graduated from Red Bank Regional High School.

After graduation he returned with Aslan to Haiti, and while there a second time he decided to join the military. The discipline of military service was exactly what Kerry needed. He served one tour in Kuwait and two in Iraq before returning to Monmouth County.

Kerry then enrolled in Harding University in Alabama where he completed a four-year degree. He is still a sergeant in the Army stationed in New York City.  Aslan is very proud of Kerry’s accomplishments and his ability to overcome adversity.

Why Support this Holiday Season?

A typical Aslan child comes from a single-parent home, live below the poverty level, and have educational and emotional challenges caused by trauma.  We can’t help them alone! Help Aslan Youth Ministries continue its work in saving children in need.

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